Dr. Isaac Goren

  • Dr Isaac Goren

  • Dr. Isaac Goren

    My purpose in life is to free the human spirit.

    It is very important in this type of medicine that you have confidence and trust your practitioner, so I would like to introduce myself.

    I have a unique way of viewing Chinese Medicine and the healing process. I believe that when we are sick there is more than just the body that is in disaccord, disharmony and pain. I believe that we are more than just a physical body but, also have an emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual body. When we are experience disease we are effected on all level of the body, mind, and spirit and in actuality most of disease today is originated in the emotional and spiritual levels of the body.

    Chinese medicine we look at the person through different lenses; we look at the patient’s body, mind, emotions and their spirit. We also look at the person’s life experiences, traumatic events and anything that might have been a catalyst in shaping their life. This form of medicine is beyond treating the physical pain; this form also treats the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ones life. An iceberg shows out of the water maybe 10% of its size. The same phenomenon occur with disease were the physical symptoms and manifestations are only 10% of the disease and if we are to treat it wholesomely we need to address all that is under current, which is the mental and emotional state of the patient.


My goal is to assist my patients to reach the highest level of their existence. Help them realize their very own special path to optimum health and self realization.  By educating my patients I empower them to make better decisions with their health as well as their lives.

My Core Values

    • Commitment

      I have deep commitment to support you on your healing journey, to attain growth and true transformation.

      I have the drive to do what ever it take to get something done, and will support you to have the same.

    • Compassion

      The ability to meet someone where they are with no barriers or judgements;

      To see the light of God in every human being and to care for someone as if they are my own family.

    • Integrity

      To me, this is one of the most important values needed to achieve anything worthy in life. It is the ingredient that moves and shape the greatest things that are created throughout humanity.

    • Excellence

      The desire to be the best and achieve the highest level in an area of ones life. I strive for excellence as I believe it has the power to inspire and help move us to our highest potential.

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