Saar Nir

  • I walked to my first yoga vinyasa class 6 years ago and immediately fell in love with the play between grace and strength. I knew then this would become a lifelong journey , a personal transformation. Yoga was my inspiration and my therapy and that how I started my practice.

    During the yoga practice I notice how much love and harmony I can get on the mat and slowly start to shift it in to my life . Yoga isn’t just about teaching poses, it is about teaching people.

    With every class, my goal is to provide you with inspirational instruction and an accepting atmosphere. I invite you to come and enjoy space to get what you need from your practice, be challenged and feel accomplished.

    Yoga has created a state of higher order and a kind of “magic” in my life, reminding me to slow down, breath and find peace and happiness in every day. I look forward to sharing this with you through the ancient teachings of Vinyasa Yoga.

After few years of a dedicated practice and learning under Joan Varini and other finest teachers all over the world I received my RYT 200 Certification. I feel most alive when seeing and inspiring the potential in others on and off
the mat. If you are interested in getting out of your thoughts and into your body come practice and share the energy.


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