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  • “One more testimonial… Just taking a moment this morning to express my deepest gratitude to both Isaac and Rivka for their beautiful hearts and for the dedication to lead by example. I feel immensely blessed for I have begun an amazing journey of healing and having teachers like you inspires me everyday to learn and dedicate myself for the greater good. THANK YOU!”

    Mati Vizcaino
  • Isaac Goren M.Ac MMQ is a truly amazing and gifted Acupuncturist and healer. Isaac has helped to heal all my physical aches and pains, and reconnected my body, mind and spirit. Not only am I physically healthier and happier than I have ever been before, but I also have “joy”…… returning to my very busy life. Isaac is a gentle, understanding yet strong and intuitive caring practitioner.

    Treatments with Isaac have given me a new and better life.

    Shirlye Rivelli
  • The Medical Qi Gong Program offered at Tao House is well worth the trip!

    Isaac Goren’s enthusiasm and zeal for this medicine make you want to learn more, his heart and ability to connect with you on a deep level, makes you want to go deeper and his humor and lightheartedness make you want to dedicate more of yourself to the process. It also makes the ride that much more enjoyable.

    I feel, that every step of the way, this program has twists and turns that may open a door to something deep within your own heart that instills more commitment to finding grace and mindfulness in how we live every day.

    By cultivating that, we are better able to find alignment which can serve to heal ourselves and others along the way. This medicine is truly a gift.

    I would definitely recommend studying with Isaac!

    Michelle Belanger, A.P.
  • Dr. Goren is a true master healer; he helped me heal from a deep spiritual crisis that emerged last year. He also encouraged and supported me during a difficult period of my life.

    His healing was fast, compassionate, effective , and laser sharp at removing the issue I needed help with.

    He is a rare gem in this world, a deep jewel and healer to all of us on earth. I was especially impressed with his deep caring, humility, and willingness to be fully present with another in their suffering.

    He helped me find peace and transformation in a short amount of time. I have the highest respect for this man and delight in his willingness to use his gifts and skills to help guide those who are truly in need of them.

    Cheryl E. Haws LCSW

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