Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine - TaoHouseHealingCenterHerbal medicine can be an excellent way to compliment you on your journey towards true healing; to improve your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health which will in turn allow you to align with your soul purpose with more fluidity and ease.

Many pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants. The desired medicinal portion of the plant is extracted and then combined with other synthesized chemicals. One of the beauties of nature, and hence herbal medicine is that often times the other properties of the plant help to balance out potentially harmful effects of the plant. In essence, the plant balances itself out to offer a medicinal affect, and also to negate potential side effects. When you get into herbal formulas, this idea goes even deeper because now you are combining a number of different plants or other natural products to maximize the benefits, and to balance out unwanted side effects.

Herbal medicine seeks not only to abate the unwanted symptoms, but to also treat the underlying imbalance that may be causing the suffering, especially when we are talking about chronic, ongoing conditions. Looking to the root cause of what is causing the undesirable state can elicit true, and deep healing.

To diagnose, instead of looking at each organ or body part as a separate entity, we look more at the energetic dynamic and vital substances within the body. For example, we distinguish whether the patient has a cold condition or a hot condition. Is the patient in a state of excess or deficiency? We do this by asking a lot of questions, looking at the tongue which is a map of the internal body, and also by listening to the pulses. We then choose a formula that will balance the internal conditions within the body which are out of balance. Herbs have properties that are cold, cooling, warm, and hot, and some are neutral in nature. Some herbs drain excesses, while other herbs can tonify the vital substances. This is how the body is truly nourished and balanced from the inside out, and wellness can be achieved. There are also herbs that work pretty quickly to abate acute symptoms as well. There are excellent formulas to treat illnesses such as the common cold. An added bonus when using herbs is you can also treat what is causing someone to catch frequent colds. For instance, you can also treat the underlying condition of a weak immune system if a person were to get sick quite often.

Combining herbal medicine with acupuncture can produce highly desirable results. It can be a very effective way to promote powerful healing, and they complement each other quite nicely. We can support what we are doing with acupuncture with a formula making the intention and principle of the treatment stronger, and offering the patient continued support between treatments, or we can treat different things simultaneously with the use of both acupuncture and herbs.

Herbal medicine is an excellent choice when searching to truly heal because it does not mask the symptoms, or create future problems because of other harmful chemicals as pharmaceutical drugs often do. There are herbal formulas to treat an array of conditions, often making a condition more peaceful, if not curing it completely. However, we must remember that although herbal medicine is safe when used appropriately, misuse can cause harm. It is still medicine. This is why it is important to get a proper diagnosis and prescription from a licensed practitioner.